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"We have recently deployed Total Doc Converter into our file processing system. It works well to convert Word document to PDF and HTML. The customer support was great. We are satisfied and recommend your product to our colleagues."

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Convert Word Document To PDF

Word to PDF converters are in great demand today as PDF is a standard of file exchange in many organizations. As word converters are used in the office they must be very reliable. They should work with large amount of Word files and never let you down. Another important requirement when you convert Word document to PDF is preserving the original layout. The converted document should look the same as the source one.

Why do we know that? We developed Total Doc Converter back in 2005. Since then it has been rigorously tested by our customers. We listened to them and enhanced our converter to achieve best results in Word to PDF conversion.

The effectiveness of our Word converter solution

Total Doc Converter has a number of unique features that distinguish it from other word to pdf converters:
  • Total Doc Converter is the only word converter to deal right with Asian languages characters.
  • With Total Doc Converter you can convert a multi-page Word document into one PDF file or create a new PDF for every Word page.
  • For a neat result Total Doc Converter allows specifying margins for the output PDF document.
  • Total Doc Converter has a preview window. That's the most convenient way to find the necessary Word document.
  • Total Doc Converter can convert Word document to PDF right from your desktop. Click the file, select Convert To PDF option from the Windows pop-up menu.
  • Convert Word files via command line from within other programs.

Total Doc Converter is a professional solution yet suitable for beginners. Its interface is easy-to-follow. The wizard of the program ask you all the questions about the settings. If you are at a loss just leave it as it is. The program will select the best value for you automatically.

Total Doc Converter is very accurate about the layout of the source document. All formatiing is preserved in the resulting PDF file:
Word PDF

Total Doc Converter runs on Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7 . Get your copy now!

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